Occupational Diseases & Illness

An occupational illness is a medical condition caused by work you are doing, or have done in the past.  It may be caused by your work activities, or something you have worked with such as asbestos or chemicals.

Every year thousands of people are diagnosed with medical conditions caused by their work.  Exposure to dust, fumes, noise and vibration can all cause long-term health problems, including:

  • Asbestos related illnesses
  • Allergies including latex allergy and allergic rhinitis
  • Asthma
  • Cancers of the lung, skin, bladder and nasal passages
  • Dermatitis
  • Hearing Loss (industrial deafness) and Tinnitus
  • Vibration White Finger (also known as HAVS) and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (RSI)

Your employers are under a duty to safeguard your health and safety and if your doctor has told you that you are suffering from an illness that has been caused or made worse by your work, you may be able to claim compensation if your employers are at fault.
The symptoms of work related conditions can come on suddenly, for example when you start a new job, or they can develop over a period of time.  In the case of Asbestos related illnesses or Bladder Cancer the exposure may have been many years before you detect any symptoms.

Because the symptoms of an occupational illness may not come on until many years after the harmful exposure we have a team of highly experienced specialist qualified lawyers who can investigate your claim even where your employers have gone out of business many years before.

Legal claims must normally be started within 3 years of the date that you first knew that you were suffering from a medical condition that had been caused by your work. 

If you have a medical condition which you believe has been caused by your work you should first seek medical advice.  Do not forget to tell your doctor about your work and why you think it could have caused your symptoms.  If you have been diagnosed with a work related illness contact us immediately so that we can start working to win compensation for you as soon as possible. 

At Simpsons our experienced team of qualified specialist lawyers assist many clients who have developed an illness as a result of their work or working conditions.

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